Making Money as a Freelance Writer

If you are a first-time freelancer, you may have many ambitions of minting enough money from most of the online freelancing platforms. It is always easier to get cash from most freelance writing gigs, and it all depends on your ability to do the online tasks and link up with a wide range of freelancers. You can always define your earning potential in various ways. Usually, the first clients you land on different freelance writing platforms will always establish your pay. Therefore, you should center your focus on landing good clients with considerable rates. If you are already into freelancing, you are probably making a few coins here and there. Perhaps you need to enhance your earnings to a certain level, but you are finding it difficult. If you are also a starter, the following ways are essential to help you earn money as a freelance writer.

Locate freelance writing clients

One of the effective strategies to get started with is identifying freelance writing clients. Always remember that freelance writing clients are the owners of these gigs, and they are responsible for your payment. It is essential to look out for them. Establishing clients requires a range of strategies. While establishing clients, some of the crucial considerations you should make regarding payments are whether their rates and considerable or not. Sometimes, some clients pay little tokens for large volumes of work. If you believe your skillset is much better than what your client offers, you can always negotiate to adjust the payments. Always ensure that you can provide quality work and demand an equivalent amount.

Ensure proper communication with your clients

Finding a good-paying client is always a better option and the first step to earning money from freelancing. It is also essential to note that your communication with the client has a more significant impact on your pay. You can always negotiate with your client to add you bonus payments in cases where you provide quality work or when you deliver extra services that probably were not part of the contract. You can also entice clients to offer you more jobs and, therefore, increase the usual money you earn from your day-to-day freelance writing activities.

Often avoid free work

There will always be clients who will require that do for them some free work. More often, the goal of many freelancers is to make money. Therefore, it would be disappointing that your primary aim is to make money while all you go for is free work. However, there are cases where you can consider doing free work for your clients. Such instances include a newbie and want to get an excellent recommendation from the client or a five-star review to build your profile. However, taking free work should be one of the least options in your mind as a beginner. You should at least ask your clients to pay a little token for the work you have done because, after all, everyone needs to generate some income.

Establish a proper way of reaching out to your clients on your financial requirements

Usually, most freelance writers find it difficult to express to clients what they desire and why they need their rates to increase. Do not always fear to reach out to clients and request a pay increase. However, before doing that, you should equip yourself with some of the principal reasons you want your rates increased. If you find an understanding client, you will always make enough money in your freelance writing career.


There are many ways of making money out of freelance writing. Even though we haven’t explored some of the crucial options like bidding on a wide range of freelance writing jobs, it is essential to dig deep and consider the above-discussed strategies while exploring other crucial ones.

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