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Applying for Online Freelance Writing Jobs: Tips for Getting Hired

With freelance writing, when you shoot a shot on some writing gig, you might have seen on any of the common freelancing platforms the expectations that you will get some response or fail to get one. However, failing to get some feedback from a client with some hiring input should slow your efforts in pursuing …


27 Technical Writer Jobs Ideas

The technical writing niche grows very fast, as more companies seek gifted technical writers to write their technical pieces. Such pieces help them realize their objectives. Therefore, it proves a lucrative niche for people who want to venture into freelance writing, but still unsure which niche to pick. Technical writing encompasses doing how-to-guides that simplify …


A Stepwise Guide to Conducting Historical Research

History writers have to conduct research and write historical papers, especially when they help college students. However, most beginner writers have no clue how a historical paper should appear. Consequently, it can lead to stress or anxiety when they get tasks to write such papers for money. Still anxious about how to go about your …


3 Of The Best Places To Get Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelancers often ask the question: Where can l get the best online writing jobs? Several options are online; but in terms of performance ratings, the following three can be described as the best for freelancers who want to get a bright start in the notch as a freelancer. LinkedIn This is a huge marketing platform …