Applying for Online Freelance Writing Jobs: Tips for Getting Hired

With freelance writing, when you shoot a shot on some writing gig, you might have seen on any of the common freelancing platforms the expectations that you will get some response or fail to get one. However, failing to get some feedback from a client with some hiring input should slow your efforts in pursuing freelance writing gigs. There are, of course, freelancers who, in their experience, hook clients within a short while. However, you will often find it challenging to establish the proper ways of bringing most clients to your attention without any prior experience. If you have send two or more proposals without getting any feedback, you do not need to relent. It is just but a chance to establish the most effective strategies for capturing clients’ interests. Therefore, in this piece, we shall explore some of the effective ways, tips, and techniques that will make it simple for you to acquire an online freelance writing job. Let us set the ball rolling:

Respond to ads you have interest for

You will often meet ads from one platform to another requesting you to perform one thing or the other. Some will always be legit, and others purposefully for enticing you into illegitimate online businesses and platforms. Therefore, you must establish strategic ways to help you understand the ads’ legitimacy on online freelance writing gigs. Therefore, before applying for just any online writing gig, it is essential to establish which is best for you. You can always go for the gigs you have developed more significant experience for. Before applying for any online freelance writing gig, one of the questions you should always ask yourself is whether you know the gig or not.

Understand it as a writing audition

Legitimate online platforms or ads with freelancing gigs will have more links into establishing what it entails. Before swiftly going for any eye-catching job post, there are great necessities you should always keep in mind. It would help if you always considered exploring and researching deep into the platform you want to bid for a freelance writing gig. Once you are sure and interested in the job, it is essential to establish the agency or company’s writing style. Develop some valuable pieces of writing that can always be posted on the hot point freelancing websites. Using such an approach defines your uniqueness and direction from the rest and gives you the highest chances of landing the best freelance writing jobs.

Define your uniqueness

Remember that you are not the only one in the race to acquire a competitive freelancing gig. Others have an interest in the same gig. Therefore, your uniqueness will define you from the rest and give you an excellent opportunity of landing a freelance writing job. Let your clients know you by expressing some of the achievements you have made, your goals, and how you can continually transform your projects into whatever they desire.

Stay keen on some red flags

There are ways red flags, and when job-hunting, always stay keen on such online platforms. Some of the most typical red flags come in different ways. Among them is the requirement of resume submission. There are least expectations of receiving a considerable token after the writing contract’s end in such cases. One of the possible reasons you should not expect multiple passes when working with such projects is those good agencies hiring writing freelancers on a large scale do not even consider reading resumes. They preferably look at portfolios. It would therefore be helpful if you think avoiding jobs with such demands.

Avoid mass platforms

It would be helpful if you find niche boards with few freelance writers scanning them. Such boards always pay a good token and are better than some common platforms where most freelancers flood every day. Therefore, once you get a specific niche or agency to write about, it is crucial to thoroughly research the agency and understand its accompanying ins and outs. Always use google to establish more information about what you want to write. Doing so will always enable you to understand the broader perspective of what you want to write. Therefore, you will develop a good piece of writing that will capture many’s interests and increase your chances of getting hired.


Your freelance writing journey is always on the right path with the above tips at hand. If you have been facing a hard time getting a single freelance writing gig, you can always consider some of the above and many other options. An incredible freelance writing journey ahead.

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