27 Technical Writer Jobs Ideas

The technical writing niche grows very fast, as more companies seek gifted technical writers to write their technical pieces. Such pieces help them realize their objectives. Therefore, it proves a lucrative niche for people who want to venture into freelance writing, but still unsure which niche to pick.

Technical writing encompasses doing how-to-guides that simplify complex subjects into user-friendly guides to link up developers with clients.  However, technical writing used to imply an ability to comprehend complex concepts and simplifying them in writing. So do you prove an apprentice and with an ambition to delve into technical writing? What writing jobs can you consider for starters?

Technical Writer Jobs for Apprentices

  1. Old-fashioned technical writing. The old-fashioned technical writing proves broad but implies one that gears towards experts in a particular field. It can encompass write-ups such as research papers, programming guidelines, and repair manuals.
  2. Professional review and report writers. Technical writing with a focus on professional reviews and reports concentrate on the spheres of education and business. It can include legal review of cases, business growth, education institutions reports, reports on business status, and personnel activity reports.
  3. Medical and science paper writers. Research can prove complex to comprehend and a difficult task when it comes to explaining it to laymen
  4. Technical editor. In as much as writing jobs prove in demand, similarly, technical editing for such pieces also have a high demand. Editors correct spelling and grammar errors, syntax errors, and punctuation mistakes, among other aspects of the technical piece.
  5. UX writer. In designing, UX writers prove crucial, and their major role encompasses writing the copy users see when utilizing the product.
  6. End-user documentation writing. It encompasses writing pieces that you would see from the purchased product manual. Most companies need writers for such write-ups, and therefore, an in-demand niche.
  7. Technical advertising content writing. Most developers prove adept at app and software development, though they cannot write about their inventions. Here, you can become a content writer to explain products to clients comprehensively.
  8. White paper writing. Every company worth its salt uses a custom white paper to concentrate on a company’s accomplishment by highlighting specific products.
  9. Case studies. You can become a technical case study writer to market services or goods using customer experience. Case studies concentrate on customer experience besides a service or product’s ROI. 
  10. Pitches and proposals. Technical advertising content writers work on pitches and proposals in a business setting. You can help write project specs, proposals, executive summaries, and pitches.
  11. Brochures writer. It entails writing pieces that assist customers in understanding a service or product. Brochures highlight the functionality and uses of a product by creating clear descriptions.
  12. Technical copywriter. It gets used to by almost every company to improve sales. Technical copywriting overlaps with technical content marketing, especially on aspects such as case studies, etc.
  13. Operations writing. It comprises a form of technical writing that focuses on operation guides targeted at novices.
  14. Technical creative writing. Most companies seek an integration of informative and creative technical write-ups in as much as the two never go hand-in-hand most times.  
  15. Content contributor. You can present technical information and instruction in a manner that can prove comprehensible.
  16. Technical communication advisor. Such a consultant writes content like how-to guides, instructional manuals, and similar supporting documents. 
  17. Technical finance writing develops informative content like financial documents.
  18. Corporate and feasibility report writing where you create diverse contents like land surveys
  19. Procedures and policies writer for companies and organizations
  20. Business plan writing in applying for loans
  21. Literature review writing
  22. Grant writing, especially from corporations, government departments, trusts, or foundations
  23. SOP writing for the company’s standard operating processes for routine tasks
  24. User assistance guides
  25. Product manuals which prove crucial when using new products
  26. Assembly guidelines for setting up an equipment or product
  27. Technical books


If you want to become a technical writer, then considering the mentioned content types can prove useful regarding earning a considerable amount of money.

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