3 Of The Best Places To Get Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelancers often ask the question: Where can l get the best online writing jobs? Several options are online; but in terms of performance ratings, the following three can be described as the best for freelancers who want to get a bright start in the notch as a freelancer.


This is a huge marketing platform that can give you the head start in the writing business. Even if you happen to be an introvert; you can get along pretty well on this platform. The first step to getting started here is a detailed profile that will showcase your ability; it will include links to your previous works and samples of past works done.

You will easily connect with as many people as you can; people that you have worked with in the past. The search function on the site will lead you to job leads, freelance groups, and openings. You can post links to your best pieces that are published to enable people to know the quality that you possessed. Getting connections with people that will be of help through pieces of advice will be possible on this platform.


Among the social media platforms; Twitter happens to be one of the best places to get online writing jobs. This platform is populated by people who appreciate and are willing to pay for the good stuff. You can make as much as $3000 working for a single client in a single season. You are to build up a twitter following that consists of the movers and shakers on the platform; those that appreciate your work; writers that you admire and good friends that are supportive of your works.

Take the following steps if you want to make a stronger showing on the platform:

Make it a habit to tweet about things that you have in mind to write about ahead of your publication.

Make yourself relevant by following and engaging with people that interest you. Writers and editors cannot be left out here.

You are expected to work hard on your Twitter presence by posting links to your stories. Take it on by exploiting Twitter’s search function to look for relevant Tweets.

Job Interviews

Another equally important means of getting an online paid job is through Job Interviews. This is one of the best places to land big deals in writing jobs. So how do these relate together? There are cases of people that went for job interviews and just when they think they will get the job; they are rejected for someone better qualified.

In some instances, these companies will look into the records and see your ability to make things count for their business line through your writing skills. They will end up contracting you to work for them as a freelancer! Through that method, you can hit the big jackpot as a freelancer.


The above three options are areas where you can get the best deals in your career as a Freelance writer. It has worked for others, it will work for you!

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